Baptism is a symbolic act of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour, by immersing in water and regenerate us into a new life with God because of repentance. We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit because, in the name of Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness of sins upon baptism.

[4]”There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called;

[5]One Lord, one faith, one baptism;

[6]One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all” ~ Ephesians 4: 4-6

Biblically it is good for Christians to commit and flow with local church’s vision through membership and baptism.

Pre-requisites for Membership:​​​

    • Christian Growth Principles ~ All lessons conducted are purposefully for nurturing the spiritual realm and will be taught in church or cell home.

Transfer Membership:

    • This is only applicable to those who intend to transfer from another local church to Thirsty Church. It requires an official transfer letter together with the application before the church can process it.

    • If your baptism was by immersion, please attach a copy of the water baptism certificate.


    • Candidates need to write – not more than 100 words – Before, How and After becoming a Christian as testimony and submit together. Any uncertainties, kindly check with the Pastor.​

    • Make an appointment with the Pastor to review before approval.


洗礼是我们全身沉浸在水中之后, 罪巳被赦免;成为一个新造的生命; 被圣灵充满;表示象徵活出对上帝信心的行动并且.透过接受主耶稣基督给我们有永生.

[4] 身体只有一个,圣灵只有一个,正如你们蒙召同有一个指望。

[5] 一主,一信,一洗 ,

[6] 一神,就是众人的父,超乎众人之上,贯乎众人之中,也住在众人之内 – 以弗所書 4:4-6

根据圣经的教导, 每一位信徒信主耶稣之后接受洗礼;可以确定也能够成为教会的会员显示对教会异象和委身。


所有课程完全是培养, 栽培及属灵裝备成为成熟的基督徒


请將你目前所属的教会以书信方式通知要转换教会的意愿, 转换至思慕教会, 并且在呈交此表格时,附上此信的复本.



申请者需要写字数不超过100个字工: 如何来信主和未信主之前及信主之后的见证

请和牧师约好面试时间之后, 才能批准.